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Comprehensive Refugee services

Comprehensive Refugee Services (CRS) is an integrated service delivery system where Youth Co-Op, Inc. coordinates an array of services in Miami-Dade County that are essential to refugee/entrant families’ self-sufficiency, effective resettlement, and successful integration into the local community.

Miami-Dade County

Based on the needs of Miami-Dade County’s eligible population, Youth Co-Op is implementing and managing an integrated service delivery system that focuses on long-term self-sufficiency and social integration. Youth Co-Op encourages each client to build and nurture informal support networks, alongside identifying and accessing formal services and resources, and to view the community as a resource instead of a barrier to success.

Youth Co-Op and its subcontracted providers are operational throughout Miami-Dade County, with centrally located offices throughout the county in areas with access to available transportation and within our clients’ communities. The service locations are strategically located in close proximity to bus stops, thereby facilitating clients’ access to the program’s services and staff support. Various service providers are located within the same service location, making it convenient for clients to access services and allowing Youth Co-Op to provide a seamless service delivery model.

Youth Co-Op Inc.

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How Can I Get Help?

Contact the Youth Co-Op closest to you to get started. For additional information, please e-mail or call 305.643.6730

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